• 2 Challenges

    Dino Discovery Missions

    Can’t get enough of Dinosaurs? You’re in good company! The Minizens at the Dinosaur Museum are also a little bit too obsessed with dinosaurs. And…
  • 4 Challenges

    Potion Making Missions

    Mix up some magic with these Potion Making Mission Kits. With a mix of mystical and mythical recipes, the Minizens at the Potions Lab have…
  • 5 Challenges

    Wizard’s Apprentice

    The Wizard’s Academy is ready to accept a new batch of aspiring wizards. To be accepted as a Junior Wizard, you have to pass a…
  • 1 Challenge

    Wizarding Missions

    A little bit of magic makes boring days disappear! The Minizens at the Wizard’s Academy know this very well, that’s why they’ve made their most…