Secret Messages

Do you want to learn how to send secret messages?

The Minizens at the Clue Complex have a very special role at the Curious City. Their job is to be the Keepers of Curious City’s Secrets. They take their jobs very seriously, and as you can expect, they are a secretive bunch! While they would never tell Curious City’s Secrets to anyone, they do like helping others learn how to be good at keeping secrets too!

Your mission is to learn how to send secret messages in at least three different ways.

This mission requires Tinker Club’s Secret Messages Kit, which has all the materials needed for this mission, available for purchase here.

This is a Mini Mission that can be done anytime. The time it takes to complete the mission vary, but usually it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete each activity. This mission is can be done at home, in school, or in any space that has a comfortable space for children to work creatively in. Adult supervision is recommended.

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