Make your own Slime Collection

How many kinds of slime can you make? 


Don’t just make slime – be the best at making slime!

Make it your mission to make the coolest most awesome slimes with these Slime-Making Missions! With just a few ingredients and a splash of creative fun, you will be mixing and molding your way to gooey glory.

The Slime Factory has have all the stuff you need to challenge yourself to making the stretchiest, the fluffiest, the most glittery and the most creative types of slime.

Some mini missions can be done with materials already found in your home, but there are also mini missions that need Tinker Mission Kits, which are available for purchase here.

These mini missions can be done at home! Just ask any adult in your house to help you if the missions get a little too challenging.

Mini missions are single challenge activities, and takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

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