The Art Park Exhibit

Can you make an art piece that combines different art styles?


The Creative Grounds is celebrating Curious City’s Best Artworks at the local Park this month! They’ve asked each Mission Station at the Creative Grounds to come up with an artwork that best represents their art style.

But the Minizens at the Art Tower have a bit of problem –– they have too many artworks to choose from! They love all the artworks at the Art Tower equally, they don’t think they can choose just one art style to represent them. They think they need to make an artwork that can combine all the art styles found in the Art Tower, but they need help in making it. Can you help them out?

The next available schedule for this mission is on April 16, 2022. Click here to register.

This mission requires the purchase of the Messy Doodles Mission Kit. Click here to purchase.


This mission is facilitated through a small group session online, with a live Mission Coach. Check available schedules before registering.

This is a story-driven mission composed of multiple challenges, and takes about 90-minutes to complete.

Completing this mission will earn you the ART TOWER Mission Station sticker (included in Mission Kit), and digital inventory item.

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Mission Includes

  • 5 Challenges


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