Tinker Clubs Registration Guide

We hope this guide will help you in completing your registration at Tinker Clubs. Please let us know if you have further concerns.

Step 1
Create a Tinker Kid (free) Account
To start your child's Tinker Clubs journey, create a free account and become a Tinker Kid.
Step 2
Add Child's Account Information
Choose a fun username for your child.

Add a strong password that is atleast 12 characters and an email address. Please make sure you are entering a correct email address.

If you have received a Discount Code, click the 'Click here to enter your discount code' and enter the code.

Please note that the Discount Code is different from the Invite Code.
Step 3
Enter your Invite Code
Enter the Invite Code that has been sent to your email upon request.

If you do not have an invite code, you may request one here.
Step 4 (Optional)
Sign up additional children for
chosen membership
If you would like to sign up additional children, enter the number of seats you would like to add in the space provided.

For example, if you are signing up three children, enter 2 in the Number of Seats section. Leave it at 0 if you are not creating additional accounts.

Add the credentials of each child you would like to additionally sign up.
Step 5
Read & Agree to the Terms of Service
and Submit
Read through the Terms of Agreement.

Tick the "I agree to the Terms of Service" box.

Then click "Submit and Confirm".

You will then receive a membership confirmation email.