E-Waste Drop Off

How can we help solve the e-waste problem?

The minizens at the Circuit Hub are concerned that other residents of the Curious City don’t seem to know that electronic waste, or E-WASTE, shouldn’t be mixed with regular household waste. These e-waste may contain dangerous materials that are bad for the environment and our health, so they must be delivered to the proper e-waste collection centers.

They even heard that most mission stations have dozens of electronic products. That’s a lot of possible electronic waste that can end up in the landfills!

Your mission is to prevent e-waste in your home from mixing with regular trash. With the help of adults, check if you have e-waste in your home, collect them, and deliver to e-waste collection centers.

This mission requires:

  • help of an adult
  • printed worksheets (print files are provided)

This is a Team Project that can be done anytime, or in coordination with other members of your local club. The time it takes to complete the mission greatly varies, and may take several days to complete. This mission is can be done at home, in school, or in any child-friendly place where there are potential e-waste. Adult supervision is required.

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Mission Includes

  • 3 Challenges


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