Make a Silly, Slimy Story

Can you think of a silly story about slime?

The Slime Factory is famous for their slime-making kits. Everyone at Curious City knows you can make the best kinds of slimes using their products. The Slime Factory has helped make slime so popular that a company now wants to make a cartoon series all about slime called “Silly, Slimy Stories”.

Your mission is to help Glimee, the resident minizen at the Slime Factory, come up with stories about slime creatures that can be used for an episode of the new cartoon series.

Make your slime characters, and take photos and videos of them as part of scenes in your story. If your story is really fun and has a lot of photos and videos, your story might just get selected to be part of the new cartoon series!

This mission requires:

  • slime making materials or a Slime Making Kit (you can check Tinker Club’s collection of slime kits here)
  • printed worksheets (printable files are provided)

This is a Free DIY Mission that can be done anytime. The time it takes to complete the mission vary, but usually it takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete each activity. This mission is can be done at home, in school, or in any space that has a comfortable space for children to work creatively in. Adult supervision is recommended.

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Mission Includes

  • 4 Challenges


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